From product optimizing
to personal optimizing


“multi-device tracking system ‘VISARY’ ”
enables the operation of personalized digital advertisement


By the evolution and age of several technologies, users are starting to use several devices such as smart-phone, personal computer, tablet PC in a comprehensive way. The problem which often bother the marketers is that they can not visualize the user action across multiple devices, and marketers find it difficult to manage the most valuable budget allocation to solve this problem, s1o interactive offers “VISARY(*)”, which analyses user actions through multi-device tracking technology, which gives marketers more details on the user actions and helps operate the most effective digital advertisement strategy.
(*)VISARY = Visual x Summary : a data management system which enable to visualize user action through multiple devices.

visary FLOW visary FLOW


Aggregate mixed system data such as third party ad servers. Template reports which can be customized to obtain flexible information.


Aggregate web-log and application-log. You can also aggregate parameter tracking information from the tags, and columinise the information.


Connect all log data such as web-log, movie-log, CDN-log by using common key factor. Able to create a “total journey data” from the information collected even if you do not have a common key factor by using data information from time stamp, IP address, User Agent, etc.


Aggregate the log data timely and vastly by using standardized templates. Utilizing the customized template service will improve your business effectiveness by aggregating data with your original format.